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Being moved by the Spirit


As leaders we sometimes want to stay away from the emotional – and on a good day this is sound advice.  My pastor wants to stay away from emotion so much that we only sing three songs on Sunday morning and only one can be semi-fast that might endear a few to clap their hands.  The Sunday service is timed and filled to capacity to ensure that there are no emotional periods where time it wasted.

As leaders when we are so wrapped up against something we miss the greatest spiritual connections of all time and we fail to sense the power of God‘s presence around us and miss the testimony of expressing what it felt like to touch the hem of His garment.

When it comes to leadership decisions, do I allow the Spirit of God to move me, to allow me to see the unseen, to hear the unheard?  You and I know that unless the Spirit of God opens our eyes, allows us to hear with understanding and see with clarity, we are just another normal leader who is trying to figure out how to do their job the best way possible.

Is it possible for God to take you in the Spirit and show you things?  Things that are not possible to see unless He shows you?

I think so.  If these things happened in the OT, I am sure they still happen today.  In our pursuit of being masters of life in earth, sky and sea, I actually think its impossible unless we do allow God to lead us first, we follow, and then we share those things He has caused us to see, hear and experience.  I am not looking for the experience, but trusting God that if this is the best way for me to lead, He will open me to it.

Looking forward to the adventure of the day.





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10 thoughts on “Being moved by the Spirit

  1. Sounds like you need some Significant Encounters!
    Our church is similar.
    We stay because we believe God will move,
    In spite of themselves.
    Hang in there and Bless the Lord!

    • Not so much significant encounters, people – individual people – being moved by God to do extraordinary things in their day to day lives – for sure, not in the Church

      • I agree completely. I think some don’t want to be moved by God if it requires hard action on their part. We must continue to believe that God is at work.
        Let them that have eyes see, and them that have ears, hear. Our churches, the individuals, are in heavy need of encounters with Him.

  2. mary burrell on said:

    Well i think that’s sad. It was always my belief that we should let the Holy Spirit have his way.

  3. mary burrell on said:

    I thought we weren’t suppose to quench the Holy Spirit.

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