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People of Dust

I remember when Billy Braham was a guest on the Merv Griffin show and described himself as nothing more than a worm – quoting from Job.

This is another analogy I have heard from Ezekiel – we are people of dust.

Whichever one we use that helps us to remember to be humble in our walk with others and with God – use it.

It seems to be a natural tendency to rebel – because we could know the truth if we wanted to – but there are times we do not want to.

We have all said this to ourselves and to others at some point in time – but if we really wanted to hear from God, we would be listening – but we don’t – and that is when we rebel.

May we be reminded today that the simplicity of the cross – the healthy vertical relationship with Jesus gives us the strength to minister to those in our horizontal relationships here on earth and may we serve in humility, offering to God all that He has created in us.  If at any time we try to rise above our station, may we remember that we are but dust, created in the image of God.  Then we can go on serving and listening and following and giving grace and love just as we have received it.




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6 thoughts on “People of Dust

  1. Indeed we need to maintain a close relationship with Jesus Christ. We are both “dust” and a “worm” and full of Sin but, if we are the Lord’s, we are precious in His sight and we are Loved of God because His only Son Jesus has given Himself a ransom for our sins.
    We are accepted in the Beloved not because of what we are or have done but because of what He has done for us. I praise God because I am “Clothed” with His Righteousness and my own filthy rags of Sin and Degredation have been removed far from me. Praise the LORD.

  2. mary burrell on said:

    I cosign with jgmtheo. Amen.

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