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Idol worship in our hearts

I think that we can be followers of God or worshippers of something else, but we can’t be both.

Can you imagine being in love with something or someone else more than Christ, and yet you proclaim Jesus as Lord in your life.  The issue of course is that He is Lord of parts of our life, but not all of it.

So then it comes down to what percentage of our heart have we given to the Lord?

Maybe more importantly, what percentage of our hearts need to be given to Him in order to guarantee entry into heaven.

Even when we have not given the Lord our hearts, we still act like we need and want Him – we still go to Church – we still hand in prayer requests – and if your church has this, we still go down to the front of the church for special prayers — all the while only looking to meet our own needs and no desire to give any more of our hearts to God.

How do you think God feels when He sees you worshipping another and then come looking for a message from Him – what kind of message do you think you will hear?

God must be so close to not giving an answer.

God in His great love will deal with each of us individually – maybe I should say personally.

I am sure its one thing to worship something or someone else and then quite a form of foolishness to pretend you are a follower of Jesus and asking for God’s help.


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3 thoughts on “Idol worship in our hearts

  1. mary burrell on said:

    Strong medicine brother. It’s like feeding a baby something and he spits it out. and you spoon it back in and he got to swallow it for the nourishment and growth. That what this was. It was nasty medicine but I needed it to get healed and grow and be nourshed.

  2. Good word! This is why God said in Jeremiah that He will be found when we search with all our heart.

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