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Are children still punished for their father’s sin?

I think this thought became popular among the Jewish people – was it not the priest, who at Jesus’ scene with Pilot, declare that may His blood be upon us and our children?  They just did not get it then and some today still do not get it.

Children were never punished for their father’s sin at any time – there were consequences of their father’s sin that passed from generation to generation – but not punishment.

We often suffer from the effects of sins committed by those who came before us, God does not punish us for someone else’s sins; and we can’t use their mistakes as an excuse for our sins.

Each person is accountable to God for his or her actions.

That goes both ways, I meet people in churches all the time who think they are going to heaven because their parents were such awesome people.  Well the bad news is that is not the case.  You have righteous parents perhaps, but you are still separated from God because of your sin – your one and only task is to return to the God of your parents and follow Him.

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