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How dare I come and ask for God’s help?

Think about it…I do my own thing, God is like second or third place in my life…I end up in some sort of trouble…then I turn to God for help…BEFORE taking the time to confess my sins to Him and get straight in my relationship with Him.

So I am technically counting on His mercy and love to look over the fact that He is not my number 1 God and now that I have gone to my other god’s in my life and they can’t help me, I am coming to Him to step in.

Do I ever get upset when He doesn’t.

Funny how that works…actually, how that doesn’t work.

I am realizing this truth today as I reflect on a prayer life that consists very little on confession, a lot on worship and a lot on asking.  Problem is my life is not matching my lips when it comes to worship.

Still, what I want to do, I do, regardless whether I know it offends God or not.  How I spend my money is my choice, how I spend my vacation is my choice, where I live is my choice, who are in my relationship community is my choice, which church I attend is my choice etc.

How many gods I actually have that come before my relationship with God?  At the moment, it looks like there are quite a few.

However, in the midst of my failure, confession and that means no asking because God already knows what we need, allows the power of the Holy Spirit to move in my life and set things straight.

How dare I ask for help, when all He is looking for is having a right relationship with me, spending time with me in the living room of my heart.  May my first task each day is to set the record straight between us both and yield to His leading and guiding.  Whenever I fall off that path, may my heart know its time to come clean and restore my relationship with my God.

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3 thoughts on “How dare I come and ask for God’s help?

  1. mary burrell on said:

    That was excellent. That’s exactly how I feel.

  2. mary burrell on said:

    Actually, Evanlar if i didn’t know bettter i would say you have been spying on me. because this is my thought process about my faithlife.

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