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good and bad alike

I like talking about the rain falling on the good and the bad alike, or the sun shining on the good and the bad, but what about God‘s judgements – do they consume the good along with the bad?

Unfortunately, I believe so, and I say unfortunately because we understand rain and sun but judgement means that God does has the option of protecting the good ones.  We know that because with at least eight, for sure, seven of the plagues that hit Egypt in the time of Moses, none of them went on the land of Goshen.  However, we do remember that the last one, if blood had not been put on the door frames, even those in Goshen would have been affected.

We also hear from time to time people being spared because God deemed it so – from tornadoes, hurricanes, etc – I have heard some incredibly stories of God’s grace.

However, when the Lord appeared to Abraham, there was no doubt that He was going to destroy everything and everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah.  The negotiation for the good was that there might be just enough to spare the city.  Lot was spared, I am sure, not because he was necessarily good, but because he was related to Abraham.

What am I trying to say?

God’s judgements affect all of us.  We need to be praying for revival every day so that we become the Moses’ of our day – stand for the people.  By standing for the people, we stand for ourselves too.

May there then be someone negotiating for the number of good people before God consumes us in His judgement.


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3 thoughts on “good and bad alike

  1. mary burrell on said:

    evanlaar, My prayer is that the Lord pours his spirit out all over American and the world and that a mighty revival breaks out before Jesus returns. My prayer that many lost people will come to Jesus and be saved before the rapture.

  2. mary burrell on said:

    I pray 2chronicles7:14 to be a reality for the world.

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