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I am your enemy

Very bad photo, but I just couldn’t pass it by as it reminds me of some of the arguments my wife and I have sometimes and just how I sometimes feel and look too.

I wonder sometimes just what it would take to make God, not just mad at us, but would turn Him into our enemy.  I think most of us are aware of the unpardonable sin – but that is not what I was thinking about.

More like, those who intend to harm followers of Christ in any way, shape, or form, those who worship other gods, those who side up alongside others who are wealthy or powerful or both because they are wealthy or powerful or both and ignore their relationship with God.  Double enemy status on those who are wealthy or powerful or both and they say they will help only to back out later after realizing that there is not much in this for them.

I am sure there are other ways of getting on God’s bad side, but probably just better to not worry so much on how to stay off His bad side and spend our time thinking more about how to grow our relationship with Him and getting to know Him better.



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One thought on “I am your enemy

  1. mary burrell on said:

    Don’t want to be on God’s bad side. YIKES!

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