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You alone know the answer to that

Depending on the question – this is my only go to – Lord, only You know the answer.

Continue to meet with my friend every three months on the question of evil.  It was a pretty bad day for my presentation, in fact, my friend mentioned that he was even more convinced than ever that Satan was the real ruler of the universe.

So you can imagine my disappointment.

Then the Lord gave me a word — one-dimensional.

So I took it and began to lay out a multi-dimensional plan – throwing in a bit of Isaiah, lot of Daniel (my friend is Jewish), tiny bit of Revelation and swinging right back to Genesis.

I had him listening.

Then I said, I do not know the answer to that – I know I will have the opportunity of asking God when I meet Him – however, this is what I know.  When evil falls upon the good and the bad alike, like it does and so it should, the bad walk through it alone – the good (followers of Christ) walk through it holding the hand of God and He walks with them through the evil.  Whether He calls them home, or He spares them, or He sustains them through it – its His call and has nothing to do with how good I am.

I think I saw a tear.

He knew he could not respond to that – he said that I saved the best for last and gave him lots to think about until we meet again.

I breathed a thank you Lord.


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2 thoughts on “You alone know the answer to that

  1. mary burrell on said:

    That was a good response to your friend. I would also like to add that the Lord rains on the good and the unjust. That scripture comes to mind for me. Just a thought.

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