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God of Mathematics

Even though our public school system have a faulty philosophy of education, this does not mean that everything that they teach is counter-factual. Because of God’s general grace, and in spite of their faulty world-view, many non-Christians are able to teach effectively and correctly many subjects from skating to mathematics and engineering to cooking.

Why are there principles of mathematics and logic?  Why are the laws of mathematics universal and necessarily true?  Why is there a correspondence between mathematics and the natural world?  [Gen 1.14-19; Is 40.22; Ps 19.1-4]

What is matter composed of? James Hughes, a professor of mine in university, shares these thoughts…

Jesus literally holds the universe together. If you decompose an atom, what do you find? Smaller sub-atomic particles such as electrons, protons, and neutrons. If you decompose sub-atomic particles, what do you find? Even smaller constituents of matter like quarks. Of what are quarks composed? Those conducting elementary particle physics don’t know. Some postulate the existence of preons, ‘point-like’ (i.e., with zero dimensions) particles. Others have postulated ‘string theory’ (onedimensional components). At the bottom where will this decomposition end? Possibly the analysis of gluons, which hold quarks together, points to the conclusion. Apparently, gluons themselves “need something to interact by. That turns out to be ‘instantons’ [which are] solutions to mathematical equations but … have no materiality. Instantons are mathematical,  but have a physical effect: in their presence the gluons feel forces. So nothing can affect something. [Instatnons are] mathematical beings that teeter on the edge of reality and affect the behavior of objects.

At root, the entire universe exists and is held together by thought. The mathematical thoughts of Jesus hold the universe in existence. [Col 1.16, 17]

In the beginning (if there was such a thing), God created Newton’s laws of motion together with the necessary masses and forces. This is all; everything beyond this follows from the development of appropriate mathematical methods by means of deduction.
Now this supreme wisdom, united to goodness that is no less infinite, cannot but have chosen the best. For as a lesser evil is a kind of good, even so a lesser good is a kind of evil if it stands in the way of a greater good; and the would be something to correct in the actions of God if it were possible to the better. As in mathematics, when there is no maximum nor minimum, in short nothing distinguished, everything is done equally, or when that is not nothing at all is done: so it may be said likewise in respect of perfect wisdom, which is no less orderly than mathematics, that if there were not the best (optimum) among all possible worlds, God would not have produced any.
Science is complex and chilling. The mathematical language of science is understood by very few. The vistas it presents are scary—an enormous universe ruled by chance and impersonal rules, empty and uncaring, ungraspable and vertiginous. How comfortable to turn instead to a small world, only a few thousand years old, and under God’s personal; and immediate care; a world in which you are His peculiar concern.



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2 thoughts on “God of Mathematics

  1. Thank you for sharing these fascinating quotes, to show that Jesus literally holds the universe together. Ïn Him, all things consist, and without Him, everything would literally blow up.

  2. mary burrell on said:

    Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Now that’s Jesus and math that i understand.

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