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I have been enjoying my walk with Jesus each day, beginning in the morning, for quite some time.

In trying to explain the importance of that to others, it does not help that I am a morning person and quite enjoy the exhilaration that comes with discovery of truths, instructions to guide my day and the acknowledgement that my day is a day of worshipping my Lord and looking forward to how I can bring glory to His name.

There are others who share how important their time is with the Lord during the late evening of the day.  I believe those times are special.

I guess the morning is the opening exhibit of my heart and the morning sets the tone for the day and what the day would look like or what I need to get me through the day.  It is like the night ends the story of that day and the morning sets the beginning of the day.  So my time with God yesterday, was for yesterday and my time with Him today, is for today.

Of course we can pray and worship and engage with God in any part of the day – but the morning holds a special part in my heart.  It is a time of  consecration, a time of worship and devotion that would commit myself and my day to Jesus.



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One thought on “Morning

  1. mary burrell on said:

    Morning is an ideal time to seek God’s face. I like the morning as well. As the Psalmist says early in the morning i will seek your face.

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