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River of Life

I know that this description is found in Genesis, Ezekiel and Revelation as a physical creation of God, something that He does, He created and that flows to provide healing wherever it goes.

But I also think that this was the same thing He offered the Samaritan woman at the well – water that would never make her thirst again.

Since this is something that comes out of God’s presence we actually have no control over it.

I look at that as an opportunity to ask God to place this river in me.  I ask Him that my life may be a vessel where this river may flow from and as I share with others, their lives may be healed, or they may find life in the words of God that I share.

In fact, I believe I have seen that happen on more than one occasion.

Even when I was doing financial planning seminars from a biblical perspective, I remember one night in particular, a difficult night, I had finished the seminar and was engaging with different members of the audience, packing up, and ready to get going home.  As I was leaving an older gentleman approached me and said that he had attended many such seminars before and was not expecting much from me.  He wanted me to know that as I was speaking he felt he was being healed from his financial woes and for the first time in a long time he knew that Jesus was walking with him and he was filled with a sense of hope that had been missing for some time.

May we give ourselves to others by allowing God to move through us today.


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One thought on “River of Life

  1. Susan Michaels on said:

    What a wonderful message on God’s grace and power. This confirms what God’s been speaking in my heart recently about being 100% ‘available’ to Him to allow Him to flow in our lives, with ‘living water’. Praise God!

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