master of life in earth, sky and sea

…and the adventure begins, the most exciting and fulfilling journey imaginable

God knows everything

The word we use officially is that God is omniscient.

What does that mean to you and I?

First of all, but not most important, I think we all see the evil leaders in our world who exist and create pain for a lot of people.  They usually live long and good leaders die young.  Hence the number one opposition to following God is because it looks like God is not in control of world events.  Yet with their seemingly unlimited powers, we know that God controls everything.  The world is moving to God’s purposes and toward His specified ends.

Secondly, and most importantly, are you and I prepared to ask God the right questions and then to be able to listen to the answer when He provides it?

As a follower of the one and only God, an omniscient God, I take joy in knowing things that I should not know, knowing things that others have no concept of, knowing things that only God could have shown or told me.

It is here, in the moment when God shares a little something with me, that takes away the opinions of ungodly people, people who think they are so self-sufficient, and shows them that there is an all-sufficient Creator.

I follow a God who can do just that – make known to me what is unknown, which no one else on earth can know.

The journey begins by laying aside all of our own opinions and worthiness, for one purpose only, that God may be praised for who He is.

Let me share just one such example.

My boss and I were interviewing someone for an important position within the company.  Important to me because I would be spending a lot of time training someone and needed to make sure that time would not be wasted on a wrong choice.  Important to my boss because he wanted to make a lot of money as quickly as possible by hiring the right person.

As we were interviewing, I was praying and asking God for wisdom, to understand this gentleman the way God saw him.  The resume was incredible and my boss was getting quite excited about the prospect of hiring this gentleman.

I kept praying and asking God to tell me things about this person that I would need to know in order to make the right decision.  God responded at just the right time.  The gentleman excused himself from the table for a moment, and just as he did so, God shared that this was not the right person.  This person was only looking to fill in two years of service at the most and would demand more than out of us than we could afford.  He would not be loyal to us, but to himself.

My boss took advantage of the alone time to confirm with me that this was the guy that we should hire.  I responded with what God told me (without saying that God told me) and my boss laughed at me and called me a rookie in the interview process.  He basically told me to shut up during the rest of the interview and he would bring it to close.

The gentleman returned, and interrupted my boss and said that he needed to tell us something before we went any further in the interview.  Word for word he declared what I had just told my boss – you should have seen my boss’ mouth drop.

Of course, that ended with us not hiring him and I had the complete authority from that day forward to do all the interviews, by myself, for any job openings.  That came about because he asked me how I knew so much about the person and I shared my conversation with God.

If we want to be leaders we need to know that God knows everything and ask Him to reveal the secrets of the universe to us.



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