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Tell me what my dream means

I have to admit that this is an area that I wish God had gifted me with wisdom, but since I am such a dreamer, and dream a lot, I would probably be interpreting what does not need interpretation – God just plain spared me the agony.

There are a lot of people who think they have the gift of dream interpretation, the same goes with discernment and the same goes with prophecy.  So I take as little notice as possible.

The dreams that I have been told about and their interpretation – as of today – have never been true.  I do not use the word “never” in its dysfunctional state, I use it for it’s intended purpose – never.

So when I read about Joseph and Daniel in the Bible, I get a bit excited that leaders of their calibre were gifted by God to correctly interpret dreams and God used that gifting to bring glory and honour to His name.

At the end of the day, I guess that is all that matters – bringing glory to God’s name – and in fact, that is probably a good yardstick to use when trying to figure out if such dreams and their interpretation are from God or not.

Each of us have our own open doors that bring us to God – for some it’s His love, to others it’s the amazing math of creation and the rules of the universe, and to others its His power through miracles and answered prayer.  Dreams is another way for God to bring people to an awareness of who He is.

I still would like to know what some of my dreams mean, but in the end, I am fine with just having the dream.  I truly enjoy my sleep time and am refreshed each morning, energized for another day of finding out how and what I need to do and where I need to go as I journey in my walk with Jesus.

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6 thoughts on “Tell me what my dream means

  1. whistlersbrother on said:

    Someone told me ions ago that dreams were the minds way of keeping us from going crazy……In a way that could be somewhat true. We all dream, every night, although some dreams are not recalled to memory while others are. The subconscience mind holds tensions, thoughts, desires, fears,etc. and often times these come forth in our “dreams”.
    I have been away from my job of 22 years for close to 4 years but I continually have reaccuring dreams with certain people…Most times in surreal settings. I wish they would stop but I know in the back of my mind I feel there are unresolved issues and misconceptions about me and so on. I feel this is what continues to bring this images frequently to my dreamscape.
    Since 97′ I have had only-perhaps had 1 “nightmare” or bad dream…all the rest are surreal or somewaht comical. I attribute this to an RX I take at night that keeps my mind from racng and allows me to sleep.
    Dreams are a psychiactric way of expelling trash..even though they may haunt us for a day or two, they have purpose whether direct or indirect providence.

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