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God’s favour will make others jealous

Let’s face it, most of us work in an environment where we probably associate with a lot of individuals who would not call themselves followers of Jesus.  Yet here we are, looking for God to give us favour, and wisdom and blessing in all that we do.

Before long we are working more efficiently and capably than all the rest.

We gain the attention of those in position of authority and earn a place of respect.  We have just realized that one of the best ways in influence our employers is to work hard.

Before long, the others will start to look for things in your life to criticize.  When they can’t, they will criticize your walk with God.  Here is some bad news – in a Christian ministry they do the same.  In fact, when you bring God into your work world, they say that you do that because you are not very good at what you do and are trying to draw the attention away from your lack of knowledge and tune it to something else.

Actually, they may have a point – I am not really good at what I do – God has granted incredible favour for me to be as good as I am and in my desire to glorify and honour Him, if this is what they see – well then maybe I can admit they are right.

My role is to remember that God is in control and if there be any need , He will fight my battle for me.


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3 thoughts on “God’s favour will make others jealous

  1. mary burrell on said:

    Good post. Thank God for his unmerited favor. I’m thankful for the favor of God in my life.

  2. I pray the Lord through our love, humility, grace and forgiveness will touch the lives of those we work with and live around to feel His leading, and all to His glory. Praise the Lord for your faithfulness to Him.

  3. Thank you for adding my post I Know You Are But What Am I under your related articles! I am so blessed you read it and connected it with this wonderful post! God bless you and I will see ya on the flip side 🙂

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