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Learning the will of God

stepping stonesPraying can be quite a powerful experience when you understand the will of God in a certain situation.

For example, if you know that God wants to and is willing to heal someone, your prayers are a force to be reckoned with – full of confidence, hope, passion and you know that you know that the will of God is to heal.

If you know that God wants to bring certain people into the kingdom of God through an event, your prayers go out weeks in advance, everyone knows they play one role at that event, to bring glory to God so that He might receive glory from our lives and that His Word does not return void but goes out and changes hearts and lives.

Basically, it is when we do not know the will of God that our prayer life is rather limp.  When it comes to healing we say, “Lord, if it is your will, then heal.  If not, give us strength and peace to go through this experience.”

The event that is not grounded as something that God will use, drains the participants, exhausts resources and sees little results as the hope is only on a superficial scale that God will even show up.

How do we learn what the will of God is so that we can have prayer lives filled with conviction, promise, hope, power, confidence, expectation?

I believe there are two prime sources.

The Word of God reveals the character and desire of God.

If there is any confusion as to the timing or method, then we spend all night, or get up very early in the morning, and spend the time with the Father as Jesus did.  He received His instructions for the day from His Father and there was no doubt in His mind what His task was and wasn’t for the day ahead.

As in anything we are learning, it takes a dedication and a commitment.  As you desire to learn, God creates opportunities to go forward and experience.  As you study His Word, you can see where He wants to move and where He wants to be glorified.  Then come the instructions and then comes the prayer life energized because you now know the will of God.

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