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What are we doing with our wealth?


How we spend our wealth indicates what are value systems are.  Most of us will take whatever prosperity we obtain and will use the money to express the idols of our hearts.

That might mean food where I will go out more often than having a family dinner at home, moving up in the real estate of our home giving us opportunity of newer and larger residences, more entertainment and more often as opposed to taking opportunity of discounted Tuesdays, newer and finer cars, we actually do not think of God nor our need of Him – we are satisfied and comfortable with what we have and we will spend it at our the desires of our heart.

It seems that the more God gives, the more we spend on ourselves.

The problem arises in this issue – the money was never ours to begin with – it all belongs to God.  I know, we forget so easily.  We think its ours because we work hard for it and yet God keeps insisting that everything in the world is His and therefore He would like us to understand that we are His managers and that our hearts should be thankful for His blessing, and our hearts should be asking, Lord what would you like me to do with this blessing that you have given me?

That could still mean that you may have the desires of your heart in terms of material wealth. However, it may mean that your vacation to Hawaii turns into a mission trip to Mongolia, or it may mean that instead of a larger and newer home you help build a house with Habitat for Humanity, and instead of a newer, finer car you provide transportation for a struggling family that has no vehicle, and instead of eating and entertainment you become part of the weekly dinner to the street people of your community and offer to be part of entertaining them during and after their meal.

As we prosper, we must look at where our money is going?  Is it being used for God’s purposes, or are we consuming it all on ourselves?

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4 thoughts on “What are we doing with our wealth?

  1. mary burrell on said:

    Yes you are right I am guilty sad to say of this sin and need to repent.

  2. Susan Michaels on said:

    Strikes right at the heart of God’s Word and at the door of my heart. From the time I came to know Jesus, He spoke to me, “You cannot serve both God and money…” But I was ever so ambitious and opposed this truth for so long. Then God said, “OK. Let’s try something else. And I went through over 10 years of economic hardship…and learned to give out of lack…and learned the joy of being set free from ‘getting and spending…’ Praise God. My prayer: Lord, help us to trust You, and to set our heart on You…not on things and stuff that we won’t take with us anyway when we go. You invite us to give but a portion of the great substance You have poured out. Lord, help us to love You enough to believe…obey…and be blessed right out of this world!

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