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Are you good at watching sheep?


There is something about watching sheep that is missing our attention.  Shepherds are on God‘s radar screen to bless because they have something in their hearts that is very close to the heart of God.

So what is it and can those of us who do not watch sheep for a living capture the same heart?

It seems that a shepherd is a shepherd so that they are not caught up in the things of this world.  When we have to make a stand or be “peculiar,” we can.  It also means that money is probably not the most important thing in our lives either.

It seems that a shepherd has time on their hands to really connect with God – how many shepherds in the Bible were not friends with God in some way, shape or form?  This passion proved to be a launching pad into ministry for many of them.

There are so many times when I am made to feel that it is not glamorous and definitely not “spiritual.”  What turns the tap in my heart that makes me look past how I feel and enables me to be a channel of God’s message to others?  What I know is that if I am in the place God wants me to be than God and I can do extraordinary things, no matter how ordinary my occupation seems to be.


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4 thoughts on “Are you good at watching sheep?

  1. mary burrell on said:

    Well thank God you are focused on your assignment from the Lord. You are not letting the things of the world distract you. Unfortunatly many shepherd are distracted and neglecting the sheep for their own selfish pleasures. Many sheep are being eaten by the wolves. And some wolves are in shepherds clothes devouring the sheep.

    • yes, and hindsight shows us these things – we pray that our hearts may be discerning so that we can see the wolves in sheep clothing – but our hearts must be willing to be shepherds

    • yes, we pray that our hearts may be discerning before the wolves in sheep clothing devour the sheep – to be discerning probably means we have to want to be shepherds – thanks for added this great thought

    • trying to respond to your comments and finding it is not going through – thank you for that great thought – I pray that our hearts may be discerning BEFORE the wolves in sheep clothing destroy any of those that God has put under our care

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