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Then the Lord will go out to fight…

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Life can get pretty difficult.  It gets more difficult when we see those who abuse, getting on well.  When it seems that the work of God does not move forward, but rather backward.  In our culture, we call that failure.  We begin to feel unsuccessful.

I believe that is why we are encouraged to stand.  We actually mimic the character of God by standing.  When we stand, we declare that no matter what may seem to be happening around us,  no matter what people may describe as failure, no matter how disrespected we feel in various circles, God calls us to stand.

Trick of standing is in the waiting.  How long do I stand?

How long Lord will it be when you start to fight for us and turn things around?  When do get some respect or acknowledgement of success?  When will you be honoured because of what you have done for us?

Yeah, I know, it sounds like God needs to make us look good for Him to look good.  So lets not go there.  Instead, we stand so that God can move forward and take over and receive the glory Himself as He moves through us.  Then those who have been abused get healed, those who work for God see fruit in their own lives as well as in others and the work of God moves forward.

I am not saying that when God takes over and fights for us that it will be a silent event – in fact, I believe it can be quite dramatic and eventful.  What is important to understand, what is critical for us in order to succeed in standing, is in the knowing that at some point, the Lord will go out to fight for us.  He will be the difference between life and death.  He is anticipating to surprise us with His amazing love and determination to see something happen in our lives and for us to be astounded of what can happen through our lives when we submit to His timing and His plan.

Pray that you might be found standing in the midst of whatever life has decided to through your way – and I looking forward to hearing how and when He will go out and fight on your behalf.



God’s Word endures!


I get so pumped about the fact that the grass withers and flowers fade but the Word of God endures forever.  So often when I hear that I think of the promises of God that I can hold on to, His truths which will always be true and His love that is never-ending, He is faithful even when I am not.

However, I think it goes the other way too.

When He calls me on my sin and I do not pay attention.  When He calls out the error of my ways and my judgement and I ignore that still, small voice.  When He reminds me of His justice and His holiness and yet I seem to be able to shrug off those Words – do I really understand that His Word endures and that the consequences of continuing to reject them will bring about a lot of pain?

So it is that if I truly believe that His Word endures than those same Words that were spoken to generations before me hold still true today.  They are very relevant for me.  I must read, study and apply it – learning the lessons from those who have walked before me so that I do not repeat the mistakes of others.


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Are you good at watching sheep?


There is something about watching sheep that is missing our attention.  Shepherds are on God‘s radar screen to bless because they have something in their hearts that is very close to the heart of God.

So what is it and can those of us who do not watch sheep for a living capture the same heart?

It seems that a shepherd is a shepherd so that they are not caught up in the things of this world.  When we have to make a stand or be “peculiar,” we can.  It also means that money is probably not the most important thing in our lives either.

It seems that a shepherd has time on their hands to really connect with God – how many shepherds in the Bible were not friends with God in some way, shape or form?  This passion proved to be a launching pad into ministry for many of them.

There are so many times when I am made to feel that it is not glamorous and definitely not “spiritual.”  What turns the tap in my heart that makes me look past how I feel and enables me to be a channel of God’s message to others?  What I know is that if I am in the place God wants me to be than God and I can do extraordinary things, no matter how ordinary my occupation seems to be.


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There are many sermons that challenge us to understand that our lives are the illustration of God to those who have never opened a Bible or entered into a church or have ever had a conversation with a follower of Christ.

I believe that this is true.

If I do believe this is true, then my experience through job loss, marriage difficulties, pain and suffering, financial difficulties, raising children, success, loss of a loved one and life in general are God’s illustration of Himself through me to others.

Wonder what that painting looks like?

Does it show resentment, anger, disappointment, confusion, hate or does it show love, compassion, yielding obedience, a servant, submission, honour, respect or awe?

I believe that I am caught sometimes thinking I have the right to be….whatever…and God catches me and quietly shares with me that the world is watching – what do I want them to see.  Do I want them to see God or do I want them to see me?

Marriage difficulties I have had – with divorce among Christians at the 50% mark we have no better track record than the rest of the world.  My wife and I entered in marriage with the idea that we would never divorce, and if we did, we would follow the Biblical practice of not remarrying until one of us dies.

That was a good standard to follow because it helped me work through marriage issues until they were resolved.  However, the real issue for me was this — I tell everyone about the awesomeness and power of God and if I was to bail on my marriage, where would that awesomeness and power be?  That is correct – non-existent.  If God is not powerful enough to work in my marriage, then what can He really do?  Those are what drove me to my knees demanding God’s presence and hand and love to fill my marriage.

My marriage has also illustrated my own relationship with God.  How many times have I taken my marriage for granted illustrating the point of how many times I have taken God for granted?  How many times have I left my wife at home alone while I went on my adventure illustrating how many times I have left Jesus on the living room couch of my heart alone while I did my thing?

As I connect the dots between my life being an illustration and life events illustrating my relationship with God, especially with my relationship to my children, God opens the door of communication because I understand what I see sometimes more than what I read or hear.

We may not want to experience the pains or successes that we will experience in this life, but one thing is for sure, God is going to use them as an illustration of His love, gentleness, kindness, mercy and grace.  Also His saving power and the might of His right arm, but also the protection and refuge, a strong tower in times of trouble.

For those of us who God has asked for extraordinary obedience, we pray for trust – God has a special purpose for this particular illustration and has called us to provide it.  May we be satisfied with the knowledge that the pain involved in obedience may benefit those we serve, whether or not it involves us personally.


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Tell me what my dream means

I have to admit that this is an area that I wish God had gifted me with wisdom, but since I am such a dreamer, and dream a lot, I would probably be interpreting what does not need interpretation – God just plain spared me the agony.

There are a lot of people who think they have the gift of dream interpretation, the same goes with discernment and the same goes with prophecy.  So I take as little notice as possible.

The dreams that I have been told about and their interpretation – as of today – have never been true.  I do not use the word “never” in its dysfunctional state, I use it for it’s intended purpose – never.

So when I read about Joseph and Daniel in the Bible, I get a bit excited that leaders of their calibre were gifted by God to correctly interpret dreams and God used that gifting to bring glory and honour to His name.

At the end of the day, I guess that is all that matters – bringing glory to God’s name – and in fact, that is probably a good yardstick to use when trying to figure out if such dreams and their interpretation are from God or not.

Each of us have our own open doors that bring us to God – for some it’s His love, to others it’s the amazing math of creation and the rules of the universe, and to others its His power through miracles and answered prayer.  Dreams is another way for God to bring people to an awareness of who He is.

I still would like to know what some of my dreams mean, but in the end, I am fine with just having the dream.  I truly enjoy my sleep time and am refreshed each morning, energized for another day of finding out how and what I need to do and where I need to go as I journey in my walk with Jesus.

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So you think you are blessed…

Funny thing about blessings…what we think are blessings anyway…maybe they are not…does that make sense?

I run into people everyday who say they are blessed and they specifically say they are blessed because they love Jesus.  However, in their love for Jesus, they ignore Him, never give heed to anything He has said, have no regard for others who believe and follow Jesus and ask them for a copy of God’s love letter – the Bible – and they bring out the big family Bible from the living room because that is the only Bible they have in the house.

What is our preoccupation to measure blessing with riches, ease, a lifestyle or any thing at all that can be measured?

I feel that our thoughts of blessing is going to send us straight to wrong place at the end of our time here on earth.  That fear is based on at least three different stories.  One is of a man who gains so much wealth, that he tears down his old barns to build newer, bigger ones to contain his wealth and in telling the story, he is described as a fool because that very night he was going to die and had to give an account of his soul.

Another story involves those who have served faithfully, preached in Jesus’ name, cast out demons and when they were shut out of heaven they were banging on the doors asking Jesus to let them in and He looked over and said that He did not know who they were.

The last story is the rich man who let beggars eat off the floor of his dining room.  When he died, he ended up in hell and the beggar that ate off his floor was in heaven.

If we are blessed, it’s only because we are called to be a blessing to others.  I pray that our hearts realize the seriousness of responsibility and that we do not rest in our spirituality because of our wealth or ease of lifestyle.  Let’s not be surprised on that day we approach the throne of God – may our only goal be to have our names written in the Lamb’s book of life and do whatever else necessary to keep away from anything that would blot our name from that book.


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You shall know I am the Lord

I think that this phrase brings a lot of negativity into the picture.  Usually when God starts saying – you will know that I am God – it means He is going to reveal His power and might through destruction and then bring in healing and restoration – revealing He is in total control and is God indeed.

We then go crazy thinking that God is a narcissistic God who demands worship from His minions and the rants continue from there.

What we all fail to realize is that God shows His incredible power through so many ways that they are immeasurable to count.  It is in our lack of recognition or value that they come from God that really bothers Him.  We give the attributes that belong to Him to someone or something else – especially when we make up a name like Mother Nature.

So yes, after taking this for a season or two, God has enough and will do what is necessary to bring us to a place that has a relationship with Him.

May my eyes be open to the small things around me today Lord that bring glory to You, your creation, your knowledge of the number of hairs on my head, when a sparrow falls, feeding and clothing the birds of the air and the flowers in the field, my DNA, my cell structure, my eye and how it works, my thumb and its incredible importance – thank you for creating and giving me the opportunity of seeing You today in all of your wonder and splendor – You are indeed Lord.


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He is still our God

In the midst of chaos, our minds race and we fret, worry and a moment or two of anxiety attacks, stop eating or eat too much, do not get much sleep and to others seem quite caught up in ourselves and what we are going through and always willing to tell the story of our struggles to whomever will listen.

There are times when we even think that our problems and difficulties are too much for God.

What makes our relationship with God even more unexplainable is that in the midst of the chaos, He does not shout, take charge, lead the way, or jump in to save the day.  He whispers our name in the middle of the night, calling us to come to Him and let Him love us.  You can almost feel His hand wrapped around our heart, pulling us gently to our knees, and in that holy, quiet moment, we are set free – He is our God.

There in that quiet time, we are refreshed, renewed.  We see the others around us that are hurting more than we are and God instructs us on how to bless them.  We see that this time is not a time that will hurt us, it is bringing us to a place of trust.  We see that no harm can come to us unless God allows it – and He is assuring us that this is not that time.

The whisper of our Lord is the most powerful voice in the universe – who can almost hear Him creating our world in that still , small voice – imagine if He thundered and roared – no evil could possibly stand before Him.  Thank you Lord for being my God.

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Asking for and then denying God’s help

This is our dilema is it not.  We want people to pray for us, we feel so small and insignificant, we want to know what to do and where to go – what is God‘s Will for my life.

We even do more.  We make deals saying that if we even think about doing something contrary to what God wants us to do, He can be on all the trouble He wants, because we know at that very moment, whether we like it or not, we will obey the Lord, we will follow Him alone, knowing full well that by doing so everything will turn out well.

Then something happens in between the time of our seeking and the time of God’s reply.  His answer doesn’t make sense.  From the time we asked for His help and the time He answered, we figured it out ourselves and the two no longer match.  Now we decide to distrust the answer or the messenger that gave us the answer.

We lead not with confidence in God, but decide to continue to place our confidence in ourselves and that was the exact confidence that got us in trouble in the first place.  Yet for some reason our eyes are blinded, our hearts our turned.

I know that trust is a huge issue for most of us.  There are enough people walking around these days declaring the wisdom of God and yet are just blowing a lot of hot air and there are not enough that seek the face of God and declare His purposes without leaving out a word or emotional expression.  So we have to choose, discern and understand the character of God so that we are enabled to live confidently under the blessing and protection of the hand of God.  May our call for help lead us into the hand of God.  May we trust Him enough not only to make the call, but to do what He asks us to do when He answers that call.

One thing is certain, asking and then denying will in no way help you hear His voice better the next time a decision needs to be made.  Start early in asking and following through, it will only build your trust in that still small voice that will guide you over the years to come.


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We will wait

Do you go through times where you feel that God is no longer in the business of blessing?

I know that I meet many people during my day who feel this way.  There are examples in the Bible where God removes His hand of blessing from time to time based on the rejection of His followers. King David,in one of his Psalms, spoke of travelling through a desert when he tried to speak of his relationship with God at the moment.   I have heard others describe their prayer life as if the heavens were made of brass.

Others are so determined to re-engage with God they will even resort to fasting, giving up favourite things – to no avail as the troubles and conflicts of life continue to pile up.

One of my rants is the TV evangelists who say that Christians need to be wealthy and healthy and if we are not then … well, let’s not go there.

But I do think that is where our problems start … we listen to other people … looking for encouragement and getting the wrong kind or getting judged – those are usually the two outcomes.

The prophets of God had the best advice – wait – and that is a very difficult thing to do.

While waiting – people die because of poor health, war, famine, and disease.

While waiting there is a lot of crying, pain, feelings of complete abandonment and rejection.

While waiting the absence of peace is overwhelming at times and there is wonder if we will ever experience it again.

While waiting we settle down, we confess, we ask God not to hate us, we ask Him to remember to glorify His name through us, to remember His promise to bless us.

While waiting we know full well that there is no other God, there is only God, and we are determined to wait for Him to help us and we tell Him so.

Then somehow, as Isaiah documents so well, at some point, as King David clearly spells out, we start walking, then we run then we start flying and we are never tired and we are energized with boundless capacity, enabled to do what we could not do before because of only one fact – we waited.

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