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Gift giving has been a tradition that stems back to the beginning of time.

It used to be in forms of blessings, then moved to both blessings and material goods.

When material goods take on the form of blessing, then the gifts really come alive.  I remember when my wife and I were expecting our first child.  We really had nothing.  I served as a youth pastor and my wife just left her job to become a full-time mom and we really had nothing – no crib, no dresser, not a single piece of baby furniture in the house.  My brother-in-law and his wife were self-employed and they had nothing, but decided to give anyway – unbeknownst to us.  It was for them the right thing to do.  He shared the story with us sometime around the middle of July.  He had to tell us because they were not Christians but felt God blessed them for giving.  He felt that way because his business tripled in the early spring from what he had made the entire year before.

He learned how giving can be such a blessing.

Gifts are significant messages from God.  We miss them sometimes because gifts usual come with a giver and every giver has some sort of history.  That history can mess things up or can create a sense of honour and awe.

I find it amazing that the past few days we are rediscovering prophecies of Jesus coming, hundreds of years before His arrival, and they came true.  He could not have fabricated the fulfilment of these on His own.  Zechariah mentioned that people would come from afar to bring Him gifts.  Gifts befitting a King, a High Priest.  He was told that the significance was not just in the gifts, but in the fulfillment of the prophecy.  Since God’s Word is true and He has never lied, it is our kind reminder to carefully obey the Word of God in our lives.


So you think you are blessed…

Funny thing about blessings…what we think are blessings anyway…maybe they are not…does that make sense?

I run into people everyday who say they are blessed and they specifically say they are blessed because they love Jesus.  However, in their love for Jesus, they ignore Him, never give heed to anything He has said, have no regard for others who believe and follow Jesus and ask them for a copy of God’s love letter – the Bible – and they bring out the big family Bible from the living room because that is the only Bible they have in the house.

What is our preoccupation to measure blessing with riches, ease, a lifestyle or any thing at all that can be measured?

I feel that our thoughts of blessing is going to send us straight to wrong place at the end of our time here on earth.  That fear is based on at least three different stories.  One is of a man who gains so much wealth, that he tears down his old barns to build newer, bigger ones to contain his wealth and in telling the story, he is described as a fool because that very night he was going to die and had to give an account of his soul.

Another story involves those who have served faithfully, preached in Jesus’ name, cast out demons and when they were shut out of heaven they were banging on the doors asking Jesus to let them in and He looked over and said that He did not know who they were.

The last story is the rich man who let beggars eat off the floor of his dining room.  When he died, he ended up in hell and the beggar that ate off his floor was in heaven.

If we are blessed, it’s only because we are called to be a blessing to others.  I pray that our hearts realize the seriousness of responsibility and that we do not rest in our spirituality because of our wealth or ease of lifestyle.  Let’s not be surprised on that day we approach the throne of God – may our only goal be to have our names written in the Lamb’s book of life and do whatever else necessary to keep away from anything that would blot our name from that book.


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