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Are we saying its not the right time?

are we saying its not the right time

Let’s face it, we all have lots of things to do, have all kinds of pressures, some of us are bombarded left, right and centre and find ourselves in more times than we care to imagine – frustrated.

So how can we encourage one another to seek God in the midst of all of this?

Encouragement I believe is the right word because when we look inside ourselves I think we can admit that we are discouraged, if left unattended, we stop our devotional time with God.  Encouragement is the tool God has given us to motivate one another, turn ourselves around, pick up our tools and continue the work we had begun in our journey of adventure.

Unfortunately, we find ourselves not there.

It seems that instead of reaching the lost world for Jesus, investing in missions, interceding, giving…we have found our hope and strength and encouragement in the building up of our wealth.  Then we have moved on to displaying that wealth in the homes we live and the decor displays our passion for luxury.

What we have failed to see is that the harder we work for ourselves, the less we have because we have ignored our spiritual calling.  The exact same principle is true in the reverse.  When we put God first, He will provide for our deepest needs.  In other place of priority that we put Him in, all our efforts are futile.

Caring for our physical needs while ignoring our relationship with God leads only to ruin because you will find that material possessions do not satisfy.

Our problem lies in confused priorities.  Jobs, homes, vacations, and leisure activities may rank higher on our list of importance than God.  When is the right time to become unconfused?  When is the right time to connect with our relationship with God?




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God is jealous over those He loves

Being-Jealous-of-Gods-Generosity-300x199It is this very important passion of God that allows us to completely trust Him and enable us to put ourselves into the palm of His hand.

I know that jealousy is usually associated to sin as this characteristic is usually teamed up with control, selfishness and narcissism.  God’s jealousy is more like unconditional love, the exact opposite of what we see in ourselves when we experience jealous thoughts.

Mess with one of God’s children and He says that it is better if you were to tie a millstone around your neck and throw yourself into a river.  That brings up another word – vengeance.

For us, this is not an option.  God keeps the option of vengeance for Himself alone.  Even though He furiously will destroy His enemies, He is slow in getting angry.  Arouse Him and His power is incredible and mess with Him and find that exacts out the justice with little room for forgiveness.

If we are afraid of natural storms – hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis – imagine when God gets engaged.

A word of advice – if you are going to mess with a follower of Jesus, consider yourself messing with God Himself.

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God’s favour will make others jealous

Let’s face it, most of us work in an environment where we probably associate with a lot of individuals who would not call themselves followers of Jesus.  Yet here we are, looking for God to give us favour, and wisdom and blessing in all that we do.

Before long we are working more efficiently and capably than all the rest.

We gain the attention of those in position of authority and earn a place of respect.  We have just realized that one of the best ways in influence our employers is to work hard.

Before long, the others will start to look for things in your life to criticize.  When they can’t, they will criticize your walk with God.  Here is some bad news – in a Christian ministry they do the same.  In fact, when you bring God into your work world, they say that you do that because you are not very good at what you do and are trying to draw the attention away from your lack of knowledge and tune it to something else.

Actually, they may have a point – I am not really good at what I do – God has granted incredible favour for me to be as good as I am and in my desire to glorify and honour Him, if this is what they see – well then maybe I can admit they are right.

My role is to remember that God is in control and if there be any need , He will fight my battle for me.


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Showing off

I am not too sure about why we need to be something bigger than we really are – but there seems to be a pressing need to do so because there are so few who are disciplined enough to not go here.

The problem with bragging is that as you brag about something at one event or more, you need to be prepared to brag about something else at the next few events, and that continues until you have made a complete fool of yourself.

There also seems to be a lifestyle that goes along with showing off – so there needs to be a lavish lifestyle that also needs to grow in order to maintain the increasing demand to show off more than what the next person can do.

Add to this the change in attitude that overtakes you.  You start believing in your own malarkey and start thinking that you are actually a somebody because of what you have done or what you own.  In fact, God might be at this point, a non-factor.

Once God is a non-factor, than the boundaries that have kept you safe and sane start disappearing.  Drinking, smoking, drugs etc. can become your next best friends along with a new set of sexual partners.

The journey started with one step, then another, then another.  There are signs along the way, but you choose to make them insignificant.

What does it take for God to get your attention?

How much does He care to arrest you and bring you back into the reality of the direction you have taken?

I have heard Him do such things – they are amazing testimonies.  I have also heard of those who continue to reject Him even though He has His loving arms around them and they die in their misery.

Am I going to far with such a simple issue of showing off?

Probably.  I get pretty intense fairly quickly.  I find in life that I need to have boundaries and that disciplining myself in the areas of my weakness helps keep me on the narrow path.  Bragging is something I really enjoy – impressing others give me a certain high.  So I am very careful to give others praise and always try to find a way to bring God into the picture.  I know, deep in my heart, that I am a nobody.  But filled with the Spirit of God, saved by grace, I am a child of the King of Kings, joint heir with Christ, and will reign with Him.

If I am to reign, I need to act like one with responsibilities and maturity in my task on hand.  That means that showing off is not the direction I am to take if I want to grow my leadership skills.

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Gracious hand of God

As a leader, I can prepare, study, engage, lead, mentor and be all that God has called me to be.

This I can do as part of my day-to-day calling and workplace experience.

The adventure takes place when I count on the graciousness of God to take over, to open doors that are closed, to protect when I make myself vulnerable, to provide when the access to resources are not available.

I also look at the absence of God’s grace as something that sends off an alarm in my spirit.

Is He removing His hand because of my sin, others sin, wants to direct me in a different direction, wants to see me grow or to learn discernment or maybe to practice listening to His voice?

It is my task to not just let life happen – I need to understand the signs that God is directing in my life.  His gracious hands are always there – that is a fact.  So regardless of my feelings, He has promised to never leave me.  So my task is not to doubt, it is too always engage – Lord, are you telling/showing/guiding me today to an opportunity or are you warning me of a threat?

The gracious hand of God will give me incredible favour that will assure that the path I am on is the one I am to be on, and it is up to me to seek God’s face when His hand is removed – discerning a time of growth versus a warning that I am off the path He has called me on.

I am thankful to Job – he has led me a lot in my journey as being a follower of Jesus.  His life has taught me much about who God is and some way of understanding how He works in this area.

May your ability to discern and understand the signs of the times and God’s call in your life help you make the right decisions.  Even if a mistake is made, His gracious hands will continue to be there.- we can count on that all the time.


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God is watching over me

Do you have those days where you feel that your hands which are usually strong, are now weak?  You are discouraged and oppressed by others and it seems to be coming from every possible direction.

Are you troubled enough by situations that you have stopped moving forward?  Have you been threatened or dissuaded to stop moving forward and there seems to be a purpose in hindering from doing so?  Maybe funds have dried up or withheld?

Every attempt to revive an active following of Jesus will stir up the opposition of Satan, and of those in whom he works.

When these days come to me, this one thing I know, my God is watching over me.  It is that flicker of flame within me that Satan cannot blow out.  It is my hope, my strength, and eventually my renewal – my God is watching over me.  He is not just any God – He is all-knowing, all-present, and all-powerful – and He is watching over me.

I can rest, I can become renewed, I can be strengthened and I can continue to do the work He has called me to do with such a thought.  It enters my mind, moves into my heart and strengthens my soul.  Discouragement has no place there and oppressive expressions seem to bounce off me – they just do not stick.  My hands are strengthened once again and I am encouraged to move forward.

My God is watching over me.


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The Lord is with us

That is an important thing to know.  For if He is with us, we are changed people, leaders extraordinaire.

The ony way that He is with us is if we are with Him, following in His footsteps, not placing anything else a priority in our lives other than Him.

Some call that obedience.

Amazing things happen when the Lord is with us – people will follow us, we will prosper in many areas of our lives, we will be bold in our faith even to the point of standing up to those who are abusing the faith.

I believe it is our responsibility to share the Lord with others – most today have not rejected Christ, they are only ignorant of the things of God.  So discipling is our true calling.

Understanding that our favour does not come from our position, but rather from people noticing God is with us and that they dare not cross us for that would mean crossing God.

So take note of the times that you see the Lord moving in every event in your life.   Yes, use all of your talents and gifts, be faithful, worship, but watch what God is doing through you and in you.

Let’s be consistent. Let’s not recommend one thing, and practise another. The Lord is with us!


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Passing the baton

There comes a day in time where our leadership, our responsibilities are over.  The number of days that we are called to do a task are numbered, known by God and He determines not only the end of one era, but the beginning of another.

Hopefully those days are not determined only by the natural decline of our bodies or the increase of our infirmities and various symptoms that determine the inability to keep moving forward.  We want to include, in our moving forward, the ability to pass the baton, the responsibility, to someone else, after giving the best we could give.  The best then can be given to another not to restore, but to continue to move forward what has already be established.  What a joy for both parties, the giver of the baton and the receiver of the baton when that takes place.

I can only hope and pray that you have had great experiencing in receiving the baton from someone else.  There are not very many out there.  Even so, prepare to make that event an incredible opportunity between you and the person you are officially giving your responsibility to.  I say that because there is something very important for you to share.  Make sure that you tell your successor that no man, no king, no CEO that has any power on the day of their death.  If you have no rule over that, than you really are not much of a ruler, but instead encourage them to be submissive to Him who does rule over death – Jesus.

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I am sure you can . . .

. . . because the hand of God will be upon you for good!

Herein lies the hidden secret of our souls.  Sure we can, but we want God to do it all.

Laziness or maybe I should say slothfulness is natural to us all; it requires a lot of training to induce some of us to labor for our daily bread; if God should miraculously send it we would wonder and eat it, and that is the whole.

The concept of striving to enter in at the strait gate or stay on the narrow path is an ungracious word to most of us; we profess to trust in God’s mercy, but work hard to not enter into that rest.  We think that God will reverse His purpose to meet our slothfulness.

We do so because we fail to understand that those of us who overcome shall sit with Jesus upon His throne. It is the overcoming, taking on the whole armor of God, that we may be able to stand in the evil day, and having done all – to Stand. Remember, that only those of us who endure to the end shall be saved.

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A great leader

I think a leader is born when others see the others see the hand of God involved in their lives.

Knowing what God wants to do, miracles that take place and knowing how God is going to perform them reveal a bit of an insight into the leader’s relationship with God.

Having God’s favour and He having your back mean everything to you.   You know that without Him, a great leader you are not.

It is with the hand of God present in the life of the leader that will give them authority to be heard by the people and for them to follow.

May I always remember that if there is anyone following me, it is because I show them Jesus and look to Him for my direction and purpose in my life.


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