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Then the Lord will go out to fight…

beautiful valley

Life can get pretty difficult.  It gets more difficult when we see those who abuse, getting on well.  When it seems that the work of God does not move forward, but rather backward.  In our culture, we call that failure.  We begin to feel unsuccessful.

I believe that is why we are encouraged to stand.  We actually mimic the character of God by standing.  When we stand, we declare that no matter what may seem to be happening around us,  no matter what people may describe as failure, no matter how disrespected we feel in various circles, God calls us to stand.

Trick of standing is in the waiting.  How long do I stand?

How long Lord will it be when you start to fight for us and turn things around?  When do get some respect or acknowledgement of success?  When will you be honoured because of what you have done for us?

Yeah, I know, it sounds like God needs to make us look good for Him to look good.  So lets not go there.  Instead, we stand so that God can move forward and take over and receive the glory Himself as He moves through us.  Then those who have been abused get healed, those who work for God see fruit in their own lives as well as in others and the work of God moves forward.

I am not saying that when God takes over and fights for us that it will be a silent event – in fact, I believe it can be quite dramatic and eventful.  What is important to understand, what is critical for us in order to succeed in standing, is in the knowing that at some point, the Lord will go out to fight for us.  He will be the difference between life and death.  He is anticipating to surprise us with His amazing love and determination to see something happen in our lives and for us to be astounded of what can happen through our lives when we submit to His timing and His plan.

Pray that you might be found standing in the midst of whatever life has decided to through your way – and I looking forward to hearing how and when He will go out and fight on your behalf.



Not by might, nor by power…


Now there is a statement most of us are familiar with!

In a natural frame of mind we tend to think that in order to survive in this world, a person must be tough, strong, unbending, and harsh.  Then we get this little poke from God who says, no leave it to me and succeed because you let my Spirit reign as though you are few and weak and of course, we are.

You see, to the Spirit, He is interested in lasting value and really that is all He is interested in.  So when we are harassed, tired, discouraged and poor, we need to rethink – God is on our side.  As I live for God, I determine each day NOT to trust my own strength or abilities.  Instead, I depend on God and the work of the power of the Holy Spirit.

My success depends on this!

Looking for mountains to be flattened and ready to give God thanks for His mercy and grace.

How long must I call for help before you will listen?


For anyone who has a vision for changing the world, this seems to be a common theme in prayer.  It just seems that it takes forever for God to intervene.

This impatience of mine only gets into dangerous territory when I interpret God’s seeming snail pace movements as indifference in the face of evil.

We all can see what is going on around us and who isn’t saddened by the news we read in our headlines each day.  Worse still are the injustices that we never read about or the corruption that is hidden from our immediate view.  What about our Christian friends around the world that suffer for the very fact that they are Christians?

As rampant as injustice may seem to be, I am not called to allow my concern to cause me to doubt God or rebel against Him.  I am called to consider the message of God and to recognize God’s long-range plans and purposes.  God is doing it right, even if I do not understand why He works as He does.

Another danger sign for me is as the circumstances around me become almost unbearable, I begin to wonder if God has forgotten me.  That causes me to remind myself that He is in control.  He has a plan, He will judge, I am to stay humble and be willing to accept God’s answers and await His timing.


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Proud of your self-sufficiency?

self-sufficiencyOne of the things my father did when I was born, was to declare that I would be an ambassador to nations.  The one act he did to back up that statement was to purchase a set of encyclopedias from Compton in 1967 – I was 5 years old.

Almost 5 years ago, I gave that set to Goodwill.

With the rise of the internet, I had current information at my fingertips – what I did not know and could not find – I found out who did and who could.

I was self-sufficient in obtaining and understanding information.

Self-sufficiency is not bad, its being proud about it that messes you up.  I keep thinking about King Nebuchadnezzar and how God turned him into a mad person because he failed to honour God as the one who blessed Him.

When I think about all my strengths – which one do I feel most safe using and what if God took that safety net from me and I fell.   What if God orchestrated a series of events that would show my inability to be self-sufficient and I would be incredibly humbled.  What if my wealth defined me and thieves came in and stole everything I had.  What if my friends turned against me and what if I thought I had wisdom and discernment and really just ended up being confused more than anything.

Do I feel secure and proud of my self-sufficiency?   If I did, I would be just fooling myself because there is no lasting security apart from God.  If I ever felt secure in objects or people, I would have to ask myself what they really had to offer for possessions and people can disappear in a moment.  The all-sufficient God who provides everything I need is the only constant.  In fact, He is the only one who can offer the kind of security I really need.

As I contemplate my role as ambassador to the nations, my security is actually in my humility.  humility gives me incredible accuracy in providing perspective of myself and the world to which I am sent.



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Has a lawsuit been filed against you?

lawsuit against you

Well, not just anybody, but has God filed a lawsuit against you?

He probably could you know.  I mean, really, where is my faithfulness, where is my kindness, does anybody know God, His personality or His character?

I mean, we enjoy swearing and lying, others of us actual have killed and stolen, not to mention committing adultery and definitely involved in pornography.

There is violence against God everywhere!

We wonder why everything is messed up.  Everywhere we look there is sadness, sickness and death.  I mean it even seems like there are fewer animals, birds and fish.

So what do we do?  We point our finger at God and try to blame Him!

Surprise, surprise when God points His finger at you and me.

We are the one stumbling in broad daylight, never mind we are doing it in the night.

We really do not know God do we – why are we surprised when God does not recognize us.  In our haste to forget God’s ways, He will “forget” to bless our children.

Eventually we have exchanged the glory of God for the disgrace of idols – hence the possible lawsuit.

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I am your enemy

Very bad photo, but I just couldn’t pass it by as it reminds me of some of the arguments my wife and I have sometimes and just how I sometimes feel and look too.

I wonder sometimes just what it would take to make God, not just mad at us, but would turn Him into our enemy.  I think most of us are aware of the unpardonable sin – but that is not what I was thinking about.

More like, those who intend to harm followers of Christ in any way, shape, or form, those who worship other gods, those who side up alongside others who are wealthy or powerful or both because they are wealthy or powerful or both and ignore their relationship with God.  Double enemy status on those who are wealthy or powerful or both and they say they will help only to back out later after realizing that there is not much in this for them.

I am sure there are other ways of getting on God’s bad side, but probably just better to not worry so much on how to stay off His bad side and spend our time thinking more about how to grow our relationship with Him and getting to know Him better.



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How dare I come and ask for God’s help?

Think about it…I do my own thing, God is like second or third place in my life…I end up in some sort of trouble…then I turn to God for help…BEFORE taking the time to confess my sins to Him and get straight in my relationship with Him.

So I am technically counting on His mercy and love to look over the fact that He is not my number 1 God and now that I have gone to my other god’s in my life and they can’t help me, I am coming to Him to step in.

Do I ever get upset when He doesn’t.

Funny how that works…actually, how that doesn’t work.

I am realizing this truth today as I reflect on a prayer life that consists very little on confession, a lot on worship and a lot on asking.  Problem is my life is not matching my lips when it comes to worship.

Still, what I want to do, I do, regardless whether I know it offends God or not.  How I spend my money is my choice, how I spend my vacation is my choice, where I live is my choice, who are in my relationship community is my choice, which church I attend is my choice etc.

How many gods I actually have that come before my relationship with God?  At the moment, it looks like there are quite a few.

However, in the midst of my failure, confession and that means no asking because God already knows what we need, allows the power of the Holy Spirit to move in my life and set things straight.

How dare I ask for help, when all He is looking for is having a right relationship with me, spending time with me in the living room of my heart.  May my first task each day is to set the record straight between us both and yield to His leading and guiding.  Whenever I fall off that path, may my heart know its time to come clean and restore my relationship with my God.

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You shall know I am the Lord

I think that this phrase brings a lot of negativity into the picture.  Usually when God starts saying – you will know that I am God – it means He is going to reveal His power and might through destruction and then bring in healing and restoration – revealing He is in total control and is God indeed.

We then go crazy thinking that God is a narcissistic God who demands worship from His minions and the rants continue from there.

What we all fail to realize is that God shows His incredible power through so many ways that they are immeasurable to count.  It is in our lack of recognition or value that they come from God that really bothers Him.  We give the attributes that belong to Him to someone or something else – especially when we make up a name like Mother Nature.

So yes, after taking this for a season or two, God has enough and will do what is necessary to bring us to a place that has a relationship with Him.

May my eyes be open to the small things around me today Lord that bring glory to You, your creation, your knowledge of the number of hairs on my head, when a sparrow falls, feeding and clothing the birds of the air and the flowers in the field, my DNA, my cell structure, my eye and how it works, my thumb and its incredible importance – thank you for creating and giving me the opportunity of seeing You today in all of your wonder and splendor – You are indeed Lord.


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Walking away from God’s presence

I have to wonder how people think when they walk away from God and then blame Him for all their misery.

I am in a pretty irritated mood at the moment, because I see the wealthy, rich, spoiled children of wealthy, rich spoiled parents, unhappy.  Everybody wants to know why their kids are messed up.

They are messed up because they do not need God.  They say one thing with their heads but live their lives with their hearts and God is not there.

They are rude, racist, discriminatory, disrespectful bullies.

They say that this is who they are – this is how they operate.  Once the hour and half of nonsense has taken place, I lead these youth into worship.  You guessed it – they couldn’t – not even for a moment, not even for a faster worship song.  Do you think they knew why they didn’t get it?

Funny how they do not seem to get it – that when they spend zero time with God during the week, what do they have to give when they come together for worship – nothing.

It almost seems like its better for us to spend an hour in prayer so they can get right with God before we start anything with them.

They are my perfect example of what it is like to walk away from God’s presence. There is fooling no one – its obvious – and like Adam and Eve we hide ourselves from His presence when He comes looking.  Lord, help me lead these youth to You.

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Lovers and friends

Loudest sobs and flowing tears usually happen when I think I have lost someone I loved or who I thought was a good friend.

I have not been there for sometime, but was thinking about how much I am trusting people right now and thinking about how I might even trust them more than I do God.

Funny how I feel that I am setting myself up for such a night of sobs and tears.

My prayer is that God would be my best lover and my best friend.  I need Him to bring others into that relationship, but my hope and my trust would always and only be in Him.

It takes so much to trust Him and yet He is God.  Can’t imagine why it is so much easier to give my trust to others.

When I think of my numerous rebellious actions, I wonder if I have caused God to cry over me.  Has my stubborn sinfulness separated me from Him in more ways than I could imagine.  Is the grace He gives real enough to forgive and forget such wayward actions and will He love me again as He did the first time we met?

Yes, that is why my sobs and tears take place on His shoulder.  That is why I need to run to Him first, not last.  His calling is not the one I want to reject, His promises are not the ones I want to ignore.

Lord, if you are my lover and friend, no matter what may come my way, I know I can make it.  Forgive me for turning to others when you have always been sitting in the living room of my heart, waiting for me to come and sit, share, laugh, cry and love You.


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