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They will be safe

they will be safe

The imagery of safety is a strong one for me – one of the characteristics of God is that He is omnipotent.  I think that there is a wall of fire protecting me and my family when I allow Him to be my glory.

What I still can’t quite grasp is that this is not as important to most Christians as one might think.  In fact, I know that if we were living in an opulent lifestyle and God called us out to go to a place a little bit more rustic and a little bit more in the open plain, we would reject the call.  Maybe I should go one step further.  I am willing to suggest that even if God warned us that the opulent lifestyle was going to end and that destruction was coming to the region or our immediate world, we would still not want to go.

How do I know this.  Just take a look at Lot’s family – I mean the angel pretty much had to drag that family out of Sodom.  Look at the children of Israel after 70 years in Babylon.  They did not want to go back to Israel even when God warned them the Persians were coming to destroy Babylon.  Would you believe that 90% of the people of Israel decided to stay and perished in captivity.

Just the fact that I would know that I am no longer under the protection of the Almighty would make me want to go wherever He is calling me.  He will always be my safe haven, my shelter, and my refuge.  From that perspective I can lead with confidence.


Without regard to age or training

Basically, I want to encourage times where not only do we not regard age or training, but we are also careful to weigh greatness with insignificance, especially with family names, place or position in life, a child verses an adult in a family, a rich or poor family.

The magistracy is an ordinance of God for the good of the Church, as truly as the ministry, and must not be neglected. I think there is not a soul in the world who would say that those employed or doing ministry are concerned about the outward business of their lives.

They have all but one duty – engage the whole person in service to God.

Wisdom, courage, strength of faith, holy affections, and constancy of mind in doing our duty, are requisite or useful for every station.

So I am fifty years old this year and am the youth pastor of group of 30  and am the Executive Director of a ministry holding only a BRE degree.

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Do you spy?

Basically, what I mean are you observant, do you know who is coming and going, do you know where everyone is, where they have been – just so that you are not surprised at a later date and time.   You and I both know that the Lord is with us and will be our discernment and protection, but I believe that due diligence is expected of us and we need to practice being on guard and to use whatever means necessary to stay safe.

I think of the spies that went to scout out the promised land and they give me incredible encouragement to check out my neighbourhood and see what is the scope of things and how does God want to work here.

Think it is also important for pastors and leaders in the church to know their congregation.  Don’t wait – be proactive and engage them.



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“Let them be”

Let’s face it…the pattern is so “stuck-in-a-rut”…we will sometimes not turn back to God unless we are stunned by some sort of suffering, oppression or maybe even death.  Not that this is caused by God, but because it is a result of us ignoring Him as His ultimate role as God – ruler and judge.  So I ask myself each morning – what will it take for me to follow Him today?

God waits patiently for us to come around. When we do, God sends comfort to us right when we need it most and need Him most.


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The Lord gives us rest

I think that sometimes life seems so stressed out, so fatiguing, so much like traveling in the wilderness.

But one thing I know is that we will enter into a place of peace, rest and safety and have to trust God to bring us to that place in due time.

And in between these two times, I also know that God can take of anything else that can come up against us. He can be the cut off, He can take our place and the war is not we have to fight – He will fight it.

In due season all His promises will be accomplished; then will his people acknowledge that the Lord has exceeded their largest expectations, and made them more than conquerors, and brought them to their desired rest.


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Priorities – give, worship, honour

Private and personal, giving was always intended to reflect the character of God and His own generosity.  On a more practical level we also keep this up on a regular basis so that we are continually remembering the kindness of God in preserving us through so many difficulties and literally fulfilling the promises He made to us.  God being the author of all our blessings, the very first opportunity, with the very first “paycheck” we give to Him, as the author of every good and perfect gift. With that perspective and understanding, we come to give with  joy, and a cheerful heart.

So I come with a posture of worship, even if at times it may seem a sacrifice of praise offered in faith, denoting my reverence to God.

What a wonderful way to honour God.  Why do we come up with so many reasons why we do not have to give, or why we don’t have to give so much?  I am so thankful for everything I have and I want to acknowledge my mercies.



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How do you remind God?

When I say remind, I mean, how do I set up markers  in my life to be a memory of something between God and me.

I look around my home and I have a memory of my dad with his scripture verse from Deuteronomy above his picture of two deer running through the woods hanging on the wall.  I have my sons college diploma on the wall.  There are lots of pictures of people that we love and celebrate life with that are still with us or have passed away.

But nothing resembling a spiritual marker that identifies and can be pointed to in days ahead that would make me say – see Lord, this is a reminder – a memorial of our agreement – remember and extend your hand, or thank you for always being there for me, or I show it off to my guests who come and visit and take time to glory in God.

My wife has a friendship ring that come straight from a heart of prayer and straight from heaven as a gift from God.  I have a home that technically I should never have received.  I have a job that is all me.  Are these things markers?

Would love to know if you are getting what I am getting at and if you have ever set something up to say – this is a memorial, a reminder, a marker of God in my life – God look at it and see it and remember me as I remember you?


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