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Then the Lord will go out to fight…

beautiful valley

Life can get pretty difficult.  It gets more difficult when we see those who abuse, getting on well.  When it seems that the work of God does not move forward, but rather backward.  In our culture, we call that failure.  We begin to feel unsuccessful.

I believe that is why we are encouraged to stand.  We actually mimic the character of God by standing.  When we stand, we declare that no matter what may seem to be happening around us,  no matter what people may describe as failure, no matter how disrespected we feel in various circles, God calls us to stand.

Trick of standing is in the waiting.  How long do I stand?

How long Lord will it be when you start to fight for us and turn things around?  When do get some respect or acknowledgement of success?  When will you be honoured because of what you have done for us?

Yeah, I know, it sounds like God needs to make us look good for Him to look good.  So lets not go there.  Instead, we stand so that God can move forward and take over and receive the glory Himself as He moves through us.  Then those who have been abused get healed, those who work for God see fruit in their own lives as well as in others and the work of God moves forward.

I am not saying that when God takes over and fights for us that it will be a silent event – in fact, I believe it can be quite dramatic and eventful.  What is important to understand, what is critical for us in order to succeed in standing, is in the knowing that at some point, the Lord will go out to fight for us.  He will be the difference between life and death.  He is anticipating to surprise us with His amazing love and determination to see something happen in our lives and for us to be astounded of what can happen through our lives when we submit to His timing and His plan.

Pray that you might be found standing in the midst of whatever life has decided to through your way – and I looking forward to hearing how and when He will go out and fight on your behalf.



Prayer is a powerful privilege

prayer a poweful privilege

I think that I forget this truth more often than not.

There is the temptation to boil prayer down to the Lord’s prayer, or prayers of petition or grace, even prayers of blessing – but powerful?

Then if I get to the section where it is part of the description of what the armour of God looks like – I think of a prayer of protection – like Psalm 91.

But you cannot look at the life of Moses and Amos and not see that to them prayer was a privilege.  Its harder to see it in Abraham because he did a lot of face to face negotiations with God and Jesus did a lot of early morning and all night stuff – so again we didn’t see a lot.

Both Moses and Amos got in good with God.  God would show them His plan for the future and both Moses and Amos saw the privilege of that close communication and asked God to spare the destruction of so many.

Is it possible that we have not stood in the gap for the world as much as we should be?  Have I taken my relationship with God so personal that I have left the things of this world to “just happen” when I could have made a difference by calling on the grace and kindness of God?

I have been reminded in the last two weeks to really think about praying for my nation.  Maybe I am the one who can stand in the gap, see revival grip my heart and those around me.  May I see prayer today as a privilege, and stand for those who either cannot or will not.


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good and bad alike

I like talking about the rain falling on the good and the bad alike, or the sun shining on the good and the bad, but what about God‘s judgements – do they consume the good along with the bad?

Unfortunately, I believe so, and I say unfortunately because we understand rain and sun but judgement means that God does has the option of protecting the good ones.  We know that because with at least eight, for sure, seven of the plagues that hit Egypt in the time of Moses, none of them went on the land of Goshen.  However, we do remember that the last one, if blood had not been put on the door frames, even those in Goshen would have been affected.

We also hear from time to time people being spared because God deemed it so – from tornadoes, hurricanes, etc – I have heard some incredibly stories of God’s grace.

However, when the Lord appeared to Abraham, there was no doubt that He was going to destroy everything and everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah.  The negotiation for the good was that there might be just enough to spare the city.  Lot was spared, I am sure, not because he was necessarily good, but because he was related to Abraham.

What am I trying to say?

God’s judgements affect all of us.  We need to be praying for revival every day so that we become the Moses’ of our day – stand for the people.  By standing for the people, we stand for ourselves too.

May there then be someone negotiating for the number of good people before God consumes us in His judgement.


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Do you spy?

Basically, what I mean are you observant, do you know who is coming and going, do you know where everyone is, where they have been – just so that you are not surprised at a later date and time.   You and I both know that the Lord is with us and will be our discernment and protection, but I believe that due diligence is expected of us and we need to practice being on guard and to use whatever means necessary to stay safe.

I think of the spies that went to scout out the promised land and they give me incredible encouragement to check out my neighbourhood and see what is the scope of things and how does God want to work here.

Think it is also important for pastors and leaders in the church to know their congregation.  Don’t wait – be proactive and engage them.



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The Lord gives us rest

I think that sometimes life seems so stressed out, so fatiguing, so much like traveling in the wilderness.

But one thing I know is that we will enter into a place of peace, rest and safety and have to trust God to bring us to that place in due time.

And in between these two times, I also know that God can take of anything else that can come up against us. He can be the cut off, He can take our place and the war is not we have to fight – He will fight it.

In due season all His promises will be accomplished; then will his people acknowledge that the Lord has exceeded their largest expectations, and made them more than conquerors, and brought them to their desired rest.


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love and obey

If there are ever two misunderstood, widely misused and abused, it has to be these two words – love and obey.

With that, we have God asking us to do both.

Without love there cannot be obedience, no happiness for the soul.  For a heart destitute of the love for God, is empty of anything good and miserable.

Without obedience there cannot be a love for God.  We are a headstrong, selfish, and controlling people, prone to rebellion, and violently addicted to placing every and anything as God in our lives as opposed to God.  We always run imminent risk of being seduced by other religions and can’t seem to shake the characteristics of our lifestyle we just left when we made our decision to serve God.

Love will work in obedience, and that only is acceptable obedience which flows from a principle of love.

God modelled it.  God loved us so much He sent His son to die for us.  Jesus loved the Father so much, He offered Himself.  When I think of how much I am loved, I stretch my hands from side to side as far as they will go and remember this is how much Jesus loved me and He showed the whole world.

Is that kind of love so hard to follow?





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listen, obey, live, enter, possess, obtain

Paying attention, even if perceived to be general, any special mentions and expected enforcement of the fundamental principles of the promises made by God to us, including the spiritual nature of the Trinity, and God’s exclusive right to our allegiance, and appreciating His abhorrence of idolatry in every form, and that His choice was us for His followers means we have everything we need to be the stewards of life that God has called us to be.

So we need to be concerned about rites and ceremonies, judgments – all that concerns matters of civil right and wrong.

We do this at the same time remembering the great and good things the Lord had done for us, ever since we made the decision to follow Him.  The times we could have gone hungry, but we did not, the times we should have been harmed, but were preserved and the times we needed wisdom to overcome, it was given –  for nothing is a greater incentive to obedience than the kindness and goodness of God.

So we have the law of the Old Testament, and the Gospel of grace and truth by Jesus Christ given to us not just to hear but to do.  In doing we live and do not think that applies only to our spiritual and eternal life – but a corporeal life, a contented enjoyment of the blessings of our earthly life.

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How do you remind God?

When I say remind, I mean, how do I set up markers  in my life to be a memory of something between God and me.

I look around my home and I have a memory of my dad with his scripture verse from Deuteronomy above his picture of two deer running through the woods hanging on the wall.  I have my sons college diploma on the wall.  There are lots of pictures of people that we love and celebrate life with that are still with us or have passed away.

But nothing resembling a spiritual marker that identifies and can be pointed to in days ahead that would make me say – see Lord, this is a reminder – a memorial of our agreement – remember and extend your hand, or thank you for always being there for me, or I show it off to my guests who come and visit and take time to glory in God.

My wife has a friendship ring that come straight from a heart of prayer and straight from heaven as a gift from God.  I have a home that technically I should never have received.  I have a job that is all me.  Are these things markers?

Would love to know if you are getting what I am getting at and if you have ever set something up to say – this is a memorial, a reminder, a marker of God in my life – God look at it and see it and remember me as I remember you?


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Every ingenious person, that is skilful in anything to do with mechanics, art, business etc., who can see something when there is nothing, and employs their thoughts to improve, have a creative manner, can turn nothing into something – are invited to come.

The basic idea has never changed – if you have a willing heart, bring it.

God dispenses His gifts; and as every person has received, so they must give. Those that are rich, must bring in materials to work on; those that are skilful, must serve with their skill: as they needed one another, so the work of God needs them both.

… so let’s go!


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