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They will be safe

they will be safe

The imagery of safety is a strong one for me – one of the characteristics of God is that He is omnipotent.  I think that there is a wall of fire protecting me and my family when I allow Him to be my glory.

What I still can’t quite grasp is that this is not as important to most Christians as one might think.  In fact, I know that if we were living in an opulent lifestyle and God called us out to go to a place a little bit more rustic and a little bit more in the open plain, we would reject the call.  Maybe I should go one step further.  I am willing to suggest that even if God warned us that the opulent lifestyle was going to end and that destruction was coming to the region or our immediate world, we would still not want to go.

How do I know this.  Just take a look at Lot’s family – I mean the angel pretty much had to drag that family out of Sodom.  Look at the children of Israel after 70 years in Babylon.  They did not want to go back to Israel even when God warned them the Persians were coming to destroy Babylon.  Would you believe that 90% of the people of Israel decided to stay and perished in captivity.

Just the fact that I would know that I am no longer under the protection of the Almighty would make me want to go wherever He is calling me.  He will always be my safe haven, my shelter, and my refuge.  From that perspective I can lead with confidence.


good and bad alike

I like talking about the rain falling on the good and the bad alike, or the sun shining on the good and the bad, but what about God‘s judgements – do they consume the good along with the bad?

Unfortunately, I believe so, and I say unfortunately because we understand rain and sun but judgement means that God does has the option of protecting the good ones.  We know that because with at least eight, for sure, seven of the plagues that hit Egypt in the time of Moses, none of them went on the land of Goshen.  However, we do remember that the last one, if blood had not been put on the door frames, even those in Goshen would have been affected.

We also hear from time to time people being spared because God deemed it so – from tornadoes, hurricanes, etc – I have heard some incredibly stories of God’s grace.

However, when the Lord appeared to Abraham, there was no doubt that He was going to destroy everything and everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah.  The negotiation for the good was that there might be just enough to spare the city.  Lot was spared, I am sure, not because he was necessarily good, but because he was related to Abraham.

What am I trying to say?

God’s judgements affect all of us.  We need to be praying for revival every day so that we become the Moses’ of our day – stand for the people.  By standing for the people, we stand for ourselves too.

May there then be someone negotiating for the number of good people before God consumes us in His judgement.


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