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Let us return


At the end of the day, when we realize that God is in ultimate control, we have two choices.  The one choice is to be separated from Him forever or to return to the Lord.

Today we struggle because we feel that we have been actually torn in two and how can a loving God allow that to happen to us.  We can arrive at two conclusions – on the one hand there is no God so it does matter anyway.  The other hand, He may have allowed the tearing to happen, then again He is the only one who can heal the tear.

If He has actually wounded or allowed the wound to take place in our life, then it makes sense that He can bind us up together again too.

We return to Him because it is better to live in His kindness than to be separated from Him.  It is better to trust Him, even though we may not know Him.  It is better to press on getting to know Him than to live without Him.  Without a shadow of a doubt, He will respond to us as surely as the sun rises each morning.

So let’s not wait too long to come back to Him.  The longer we wait, the longer the pain and the further from Him we travel.  Let’s put aside our desire for only the external benefits that come from worshipping Him, lets simply just return, seriously.

Matt Redman – Come Let Us Return to the Lord

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Idol worship in our hearts

I think that we can be followers of God or worshippers of something else, but we can’t be both.

Can you imagine being in love with something or someone else more than Christ, and yet you proclaim Jesus as Lord in your life.  The issue of course is that He is Lord of parts of our life, but not all of it.

So then it comes down to what percentage of our heart have we given to the Lord?

Maybe more importantly, what percentage of our hearts need to be given to Him in order to guarantee entry into heaven.

Even when we have not given the Lord our hearts, we still act like we need and want Him – we still go to Church – we still hand in prayer requests – and if your church has this, we still go down to the front of the church for special prayers — all the while only looking to meet our own needs and no desire to give any more of our hearts to God.

How do you think God feels when He sees you worshipping another and then come looking for a message from Him – what kind of message do you think you will hear?

God must be so close to not giving an answer.

God in His great love will deal with each of us individually – maybe I should say personally.

I am sure its one thing to worship something or someone else and then quite a form of foolishness to pretend you are a follower of Jesus and asking for God’s help.


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He is good! His lovingkindness lasts forever!

Even though we are appointed as leaders, no one ever leads alone – we are all accountable to someone else.

Honouring God and acknowledge His presence and goodness is a first step experience for us in making sure that our first duty is to worship Him.  Our worship begins with a recognition of God’s love.

I am reminded so many times that when we praise God first; then, and only then, is my heart prepared to present my own needs to Him.

It is in the recollection of God’s love and mercy that will bring worship into my daily life. He uses music to call people to worship and to send them to war, to soothe ragged emotions and to ignite spiritual passion, to celebrate victories and to mourn losses.

Bless the Lord and sing His praises, Bless the Lord now, O my soul; Join the song all heaven raises, Let the anthem loudly roll! —Peterson
Those who praise God on earth will feel at home in heaven.
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Two generations worshipped, the next did not

I was listening to the radio one day as I traveled to an appointment and heard that it takes up to three generations for a family to lose their identity in following Jesus if they do nothing to purposefully pass along the testimonies of their experiences in following Jesus themselves.

My job is meeting with people, Christians in fact, and I can tell you that number can go as low as two generations and the next one following could care less.

If we are called to lead, surely we must lead our families before we can even think about leading others or stewarding life.

What we do instead is cherish and indulge our own appetites and passions; therefore God leaves us to ourselves, and under the power of own sins, we experience ruin.  You will notice that it is not just us, personally who suffer, but our entire generation of families that follow after us.

Most of us already are aware just how naturally it is for us to be deceitful and judgmental and how are hearts are not necessarily bent towards the things of God.  Even so, we are not willing to believe it, almost as if we are in a state of denial until by making bold with temptation we find it true by sad experience. We need to examine how matters stand with ourselves, and to pray without ceasing, that we may be rooted and grounded in love, and that Christ may dwell in our hearts by faith.

Let us declare war against every sin, and follow after holiness all our days, so that the generations of our family that follow after us will have an example of God’s mercy, love and grace and can see just how adventurous it is to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

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Priorities – give, worship, honour

Private and personal, giving was always intended to reflect the character of God and His own generosity.  On a more practical level we also keep this up on a regular basis so that we are continually remembering the kindness of God in preserving us through so many difficulties and literally fulfilling the promises He made to us.  God being the author of all our blessings, the very first opportunity, with the very first “paycheck” we give to Him, as the author of every good and perfect gift. With that perspective and understanding, we come to give with  joy, and a cheerful heart.

So I come with a posture of worship, even if at times it may seem a sacrifice of praise offered in faith, denoting my reverence to God.

What a wonderful way to honour God.  Why do we come up with so many reasons why we do not have to give, or why we don’t have to give so much?  I am so thankful for everything I have and I want to acknowledge my mercies.



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Call to worship

It is a call that is for me as an individual and for us as a body of believers.  It is a call to those who do not know God to come and join us in the worship of the one, true God.

The call to worship is a calling, a purpose in our lives – without it we would literally die.

I do not believe that there is a single other purpose, calling, mandate or service that we can give to God that is greater than worship.  Worship is the climax of our touchpoint with God.  It is the time we bend our knee, our heart, our mind, our soul and claim Him to be Lord, Almighty God.

It is a calling out, a calling towards God, it is the very “protein” of our spiritual make-up.

There are two clear times in my life when I sense the call to worship the greatest.

When I find myself slipping away from the presence of God and when I find myself right in the middle of His presence.  Both experiences have the same result – my car, my house, the place where I am worshipping becomes filled with the presence of God.  When His presence is near, my sense of my sin is great and so I spend time crying, repenting, turning back to Him.  When His presence is near, I am almost outside of my own skin with the knowledge, the absolute knowing, that He loves me so much and the few inadequate words to express my love back to Him causes me to fall to my knees, be silent, soak in His presence, and just let Him love me.

I am thankful that I had a pastor who taught me what a call to worship looks like – and he had a son who knew how to bring the church to worship whenever he lead a service.  There are times when I feel I can stretch out my hand and actually touch the hem of His garment.

If we are going to be stewards of God on this earth, lets focus on not just doing the job, but worship, call others to worship, lead others in worship and melt together in the presence of God so that we are filled with God and can serve Him with all of our strength, mind, and soul, with passion and enthusiasm that comes from being filled with God.


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